Dunlop LX-360 Fibre Floor Leveller

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Dunlop LX-360 Fibre Floor Leveller

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Flexible and fibre-reinforced, Dunlop LX-360 Fibre Leveller is an all-around smoothing and levelling compound which can be laid from 3mm up to 60mm. Thanks to its innovative formulation it can be used over timber floors and underfloor heating, creating the perfect surface for tiles or soft coverings.

  • Up to 60mm bed depths
  • For use on timber floors
  • Protein free
  • Foot traffic in 3 hours

Dunlop LX-360 Fibre Leveller is a single-part floor leveller with added fibres for increased strength and flexibility. Suitable for preparing interior floors in dry areas prior to laying sheet and tile soft floor coverings, carpet, natural stone and ceramic tiles. Can be used on both absorbent and non-absorbent interior floor surfaces including timber, concrete, cement: sand screeds, terrazzo, asphalt, quarry tiles and old but sound adhesive residues. It can be laid at depths from 3mm up to 60mm in one application. Ideal for use with underfloor and under tile floor heating systems.


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* We sell our tiles in manufacturers full boxes only. This eliminates shade variances, keeps the correct calibration (sizing of tiles) and reduces damages.

** We only supply single tiles for full size samples.

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