Dunlop LX-40 Floor Leveller

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Dunlop LX-40 Floor Leveller

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A single part floor leveller for smoothing concrete floors, LX-40 Floor Leveller smooths from 2-12mm and is perfect for levelling uneven floors prior to the laying of tiles or soft floor coverings.

  • 2-12 mm bed depth
  • Self-levelling
  • Protein free
  • Foot traffic after 4 hours

Dunlop LX-40 Floor Leveller is a single-part floor leveller with built-in polymer for smoothing concrete floors. This product is suitable for preparing interior floors in dry areas prior to laying decorative floor coverings. It can be used on a wide range of common building surfaces including concrete, cement: sand screeds, terrazzo, quarry tiles and old but sound adhesive residues. It can be laid at depths from 2mm up to 12mm.


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* We sell our tiles in manufacturers full boxes only. This eliminates shade variances, keeps the correct calibration (sizing of tiles) and reduces damages.

** We only supply single tiles for full size samples.

NOTE: When ordering a sample please specify the colour/finish etc. you require in the 'Order Notes' box found at the checkout page.

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