A multi-purpose waterproofing, crack bridging and decoupling membrane. As its quick and easy to install, Codex Hydrostop is ideal for sealing and repairing in a single step. It also acts as an impermeable and water-proof membrane as well as a crack bridge and de-coupling membrane so suitable for the most problematic screeds.

Cost Effective: Save up to 50% of adhesive compared to other systems.

Multi-purpose: Seal and repair in a single step.

Impermeable: Protects against penetration of moisture and other substances.

Stress relief: On problematic substrates, can be used as a crack bridge and decoupling membrane.

Simple: Extremely quick and easy to install. Can also be applied on walls and floors for tanking.

Reliable: The polyethylene roll has fleece on both sides in order to provide secure adhesion.