Can you tile over tile?

Category: Tile application

This surely is an interesting one as the same question could be asked for floors and walls.

The simple answer is yes, you can. Though this answer is always followed by a BUT, as the surface needs to be well prepared in order to avoid tear-out (demolition) and unnecessary cost.

If you feel that your old tiles are dated or worn, you can tile over the old ones avoiding the huge job of ripping them out. The assumption is however, that:

  1. The tiles underneath are stuck firmly to either the floor or wall,
  2. The surface underneath is solid,
  3. That there are no cracks in the existing tiles, as these cracks would indicate problems with the floor/wall itself and
  4. The right adhesive is used

Surface preparation remains key. For further advice on your project please email us or ring us, whichever way of communication you prefer.


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