Kitchen Trends for 2022 

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The kitchen is the one place in your home where you spend most of your time and energy, so it’s important to create a space that you love coming back to every day. There are many popular trends today that will continue well into 2022, including bright colours and clean lines, but there are also some new ones on the horizon that will soon be joining their ranks. Here are the kitchen trends you’ll want to know about in 2022. 

Natural Colours 

Not long ago, white was synonymous with bright and cheery; today, many home decorators opt for a less sanitized look. To achieve an earthy feel in your kitchen, try incorporating natural colours into your palette—think shades of yellow, brown and green. These organic hues provide a refreshing alternative to stark white walls. You can add interest to any of these colours by painting them on just one wall or section (such as upper cabinets) in your kitchen. 

Kitchen Zoning 

Designers have been predicting a zoning trend in kitchens for years. In short, zoning divides your kitchen into different zones that each serves a different purpose. For example, if you only cook on special occasions, use one zone of your kitchen as your party space and stock it with accessories like colourful dishes and fancy cutlery to make those special occasions feel extra festive. 

Mixed Materials 

Using a combination of different materials will help keep your kitchen looking sharp without breaking your budget. Neutral colours, like black or grey and dark wood, look striking paired with lighter elements—like white, light wood or glass—which helps keep your space feeling open and airy. Adding pops of colour can also be fun; just make sure they’re not loud enough to distract from the rest of your kitchen! 

Patterned Tiles 

From kitchen backsplashes to bathroom floors, patterned tiles are a must-have option. Why? Not only do they provide a unique look and feel to each room, but they’re also easy to maintain. Whether you opt for bold colours or black-and-white patterns, we predict that patterned tiles will soon become one of your favourite decorating trends of all time. 

Smart Appliances 

Technology is making its way into all facets of our lives. Not only can you talk to your phone, control your thermostat, and unlock your front door with an app on your smartphone, but soon it will also be possible to manage everything in your home through one convenient mobile device.  You can now buy smart fridges that show you what is inside when you are at the shops, smart ovens that you can control from the sofa and coffee machines that will brew your coffee ready for when you wake up.