What is the difference between wall & floor tiles?

Category: Choosing your tiles

Tile trends and technologies have changed dramatically in the past decade. What was traditionally a floor tile, is now a wall tile and they are no longer restricted to the kitchen and bathroom. So, does it matter whether a tile is a wall tile or a floor tile? Short answer: yes, it does.

Wall tiles are often produced with a lighter and softer body compared to floor tiles. The advantages being these tiles don’t put too much weight pressure on walls and are easier to work vertically with.

Floor tiles on the other hand, need to be quite strong and able to resist wear and tear from constant footfall. This is not to say all floor tiles are born equal – some are tougher than others and are better for commercial spaces and others are better for homes, where lighter traffic is expected.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you can lay any floor tile on any wall. It’s important to consider the weight of the tiles and adhesive to make sure your wall can bear the load.


If you’re unsure whether you can use a wall or floor tile in any application, you can choose one of larger range that is suitable for both or speak to one of our team for advice.