MultiSolve is a unique, non-aggressive, multi-purpose solvent with amazing degreasing properties widely used in the building, automotive, construction, hotelery and painting industries.

  • Removes silicone, sealants and adhesives safely.
  • Removes oil, grease, wax, ink, tar, paraffin, printing ink, splashes of cement, adhesive labels, chewing gum and a multitude of stubborn deposits, including tar from car paintwork.

Unique Qualities

  • Evaporates leaving no oily residue behind for fast thorough and safe degreasing and cleaning
  • Non-aggressive, safe to use on virtually all materials
  • Fast acting, eliminating a lot of elbow grease
  • Fast drying and can be used on painted surfaces, vinyl, glass, rubber and plastics
  • Advisable to use before all CT1 adhesives and sealants

Instructions for use

Spray MultiSolve on the surface and let penetrate. Remove dirt with a clean, soft cloth. Use the other side of the cloth to rub dry. If necessary, repeat the operation.