Norcros Pro 30 Fast Track Levelling Compound

Norcros Pro 30 Fast Track Levelling Compound is an eco-friendly, self-smoothing levelling compound. It’s a flexible, single-part leveller that’s suitable for use from 2mm to 30mm in a single application without the need for additional aggregate. It’s ready to tile after just 45 minutes and can receive floor coverings after 90 minutes allowing early foot traffic and fast track tiling. The product is suitable for levelling a variety of substrates including:

Concrete. Cement, sand screed, flooring-grade asphalt, existing quarry and vinyl tiles.

Pro 30 Fast Track Eco is also ideal for encapsulating under tile heating mats and cables, protecting the heating elements during the tile fixing process as well as providing a level surface for tiling. It is suitable for use on timber floors which can be overlaid with 15-18mm WBO or Marine-grade plywood.