Rubi Star cutters with case

Star 42 Cut Length 42cm, Diagonal Cut 30x30cm, Height 12mm

Star 51 Cut Length 51cm, Diagonal Cut 46x36cm, Height 12mm

Star 61 Cut Length 63cm, Diagonal Cut 45x45cm, Height 12mm

  • Closed sliding mobile breaker for greater bending strength
  • New support reinforced for durability and power separation
  • Chromed steel guides with anti-rust treatment for greater durability
  • Base for correct support of the tile
  • Interchangeable scoring wheels from Ø1/4″ (6mm) to 13/32″ (10mm)
  • Ø1/4″ (6mm) scoring wheel included
  • Two-layer base with shock absorption
  • Direct view of the scoring and cutting line