Ditra-Heat E

In contrast to conventional systems using pre-adhered heating mats, Schluter – Ditra-E heating cable are installed within an uncoupling mat that offers optimal freedom for defining the areas to be heated. Due to the crack-bridging properties the system is suitable for installation over problematic substrates such as timber, green screed etc without any risk of damage to the tile covering or heating cable.

Contents: uncoupling mat, heating cable, heating sensor, thermostat.

  • 50-70% saving over equivalent assembly with uncoupling
  • Matting with integrated cable equals lower overall assembly height
  • Can be tiled immediately, no waiting time
  • No need for self-levelling layer, therefore saving money, application steps and mixing etc
  • No fiddly tapes
  • Uniform spacing of every 3 studs saving time
  • Suitable for heating walls as well