Interior Trends

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It’s time to look at the trends that are going to dominate the interior design world in the next year. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want to see what’s coming down the pike, it’s always a good idea to get a head start on the trends so you can plan ahead.

  1. Painted Ceilings 

Regardless of what kind of room you have, be it small or big, a painted ceiling with the same colour as the walls can help to diminish the room’s boundaries, creating a cosy cocooning feel or creating a more dramatic effect.  

“Colour drenching,” as referred to in Homes and Garden’s magazine, is the scariest of trends, but it transforms small rooms and big ones. It is the process of choosing one colour and painting it across multiple surfaces in one space. You will be surprised at the brilliantly bold and thoroughly modern result that this technique delivers.  

  1. Restorative Neutrals 

Softer shades and neutrals are coming in 2024. Dulux has chosen Wild Wonder™ as its colour of the year 2023—a positive, glowing tone inspired by the natural world. While the warmer neutral shades of beiges, tans, and browns will continue to thrive, grey will have a revival this year. Darker greys with additional elements adding depth to interiors will be prominent, including here matt walls and soft velvety sofas.  

  1. Restful Blues 

Another colour believed to be bouncing back this year is pale blue, which provides a fresh, light, and optimistic feel to spaces. Calm blues have been around for some time; however, they continue to rise in appeal. This peaceful, pastel hue perfectly complements the colour of grey adding an airy and uplifting feel wherever it is used.  

  1. Greens 

With the strongest association with nature, tones of green are one of the most obvious choices for interior design trends in 2023 and 2024. It is the perfect colour to connect the inside with nature, reproducing the mood-boosting qualities of spending time outdoors. Being a neutral colour, green offers visual comfort. When combined with the natural tones and houseplants, you cannot help but feel calm and very in tune with nature.  

  1. Copper Elements 

Matte black and brass finishes have been with us for some time when it comes to fixtures and hardware. However, this year we will see copper taking over from the popular brushed brass, bringing a fresh new finish, a striking aesthetic, and a very modern look into kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces. Don’t be surprised to see white textured marble tops incorporating this elegant hue to create eye-catching, statement pieces for the year ahead.  

  1. Ageing Furniture 

Furniture that has character has always been used to create a space that feels comfortable, cosy and lived in. However, this year we will see an increase in upcycled projects that use assorted colour shades to create focal points. Whether you source these beautiful old pieces online, by attending furniture fairs, or by chasing antique shops, you will be contributing to the environmental sustainability that is so much needed. Having furniture that is built to last and stay with us throughout our lives is inherently comforting and grounding.  

  1. Statement lighting 

Large, dramatic pendants and chandeliers, statement wall lamps, and beautiful table and floor lamps are part of this trend. The creation of the desired ambience, relaxing light, and work light is not just a result of the lamps and shades but also of their ability to highlight various features such as artwork, ceiling cornices, and any other decorative features.

  1. Minimalism 

A combination of Japanese and Scandinavian designs, which have roots in minimalism, will lead the 2023/24 interior designs. Scandinavian designs have been with us for decades; however, the combination with the Japanese, named Japandi, will become more prominent this year.  

This combination is full of sleek dark timbers, Scandi light timbers, natural materials, light-coloured walls, and minimal and straightforward design.  

  1. Arches 

Curved lines keep coming and going in the interior design world. However, 2024 will see arched forms come to the forefront again. Alcove shelving and bold, coloured headboards are leading the way. These forms are also being seen as a trend in house extension designs.  

10. Cottagecore 

This term encompasses romantic rural life with traditional ideals and home-grown and artisan-crafted pieces as the staples of creating an idyllic vibe. All you have to do is think about the wildflowers, Venetian plaster walls, chalky painted surfaces, and the celebration of imperfection. This is a great choice if you are looking to create a sustainable lifestyle with natural colours and elements, as well as ageing or vintage pieces.