BT1 Sealant and Adhesive White

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BT1 Sealant and Adhesive White

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BT1 is based on the revolutionary Ct1 and their TRIBRID® Technology!

BT1, the Ultimate Bathroom Sealant & Adhesive, has created a unique product upon which bacteria/microbes cannot survive, making it easier to maintain a more hygienic surface which is free of solvents and isocyanates.

No more mould and fungal growth!

Excellent sanitaryware product for use in all public health institutions including hospitals and clinics.

Tested under MOD IOS 22196:2011, BT1 has proven to reduce bacteria by up to 99.99% and effective against a broad spectrum of microbes including MRSA, E.Coli and Campylobacter.

Even one of the most stringent Asthma Association in the world; NAAF Asthma Allergy Nordic, has given its approval.

  • EC1 Plus Certified – Very Low Emissions
  • ETAG approved for bonding shower Panels without mechanical fixings
  • BT1 will form a unique durable compound with high elasticity

BT1 will successfully bond:

  • Woods
  • Metals
  • Brickwork
  • Concrete
  • Fibreglass
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • uPVC
  • Most plastics (except PP, PE and PTFE), even in wet conditions.

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* We sell our tiles in manufacturers full boxes only. This eliminates shade variances, keeps the correct calibration (sizing of tiles) and reduces damages.

** We only supply single tiles for full size samples.

NOTE: When ordering a sample please specify the colour/finish etc. you require in the 'Order Notes' box found at the checkout page.


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