Schluter REMA Magnets (4)

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Schluter REMA Magnets (4)

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Schluter REMA Magnets is a wall access system ideal for creating concealed access in tiled wall coverings. Easy to install they are used in a tiled surface to ensure there is access to services behind the bath panels and box casings etc. Each pack has 4x Magnets and 4x Counter plates.



Schlüter-REMA assembly kit consists of four aluminium brackets with moulded casings containing magnets clamped to lateral, moveable guide shoes, and four ferromagnetic metal counterplates.

Material properties and areas of application
Schlüter-REMA is suited for creating concealed access panels in wall coverings. If the access opening is substantially larger than 30 cm x 30 cm, it may be necessary to install two additional magnets. In special cases, the suitability of Schlüter-REMA must be verified, based on anticipated chemical, mechanical, and/or other stresses.


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